Club History

The Wellington Triathlon & Multisport Club had its beginnings in the mid-1980’s when triathlon and multisport were in their infancy. Triathlon as we know it now usually involves the three sports of swimming, cycling and running. Multisport usually replaces the swimming leg with kayaking but can include mountain biking, cross country running, skiing and even water skiing. The combinations are limited only by the imagination.


From 1985 to now, the Wellington Triathlon & Multisport Club has grown to include over 200 members (currently we have over 170 members), some of whom represent New Zealand at world-class level. Our present day champions include Kate McIlroy, currently racing at the very top levels of the ITU world circuit. Past champions include Scott and Karen Ballance, Evelyn Williamson, Catriona Morrison (representing Scotland), Heather Evans, Jill Westenra and Megan Hall.

But the club does not exist solely for the accomplished athlete. On the contrary, the strength of the Club has always been, and will continue to be, the number of members who support and participate regularly in all the local races.


New members often begin the season with the Club Starter Tri as their first ever attempt at a triathlon. They then move on to the slightly longer Tri-Arthur-lon (named after our founding president Arthur Klap) and complete the season with the achievement of a full Standard Distance Triathlon. But it doesn’t have to stop there. The Club also boasts a number of members who have taken on the ultimate triathlon challenge of Ironman, competing as far afield as Germany, Canada and of course Hawaii.

The Club is a strong supporter of the Weetbix triathlons and is building up a junior development programme to assist and nurture young talent from the region.

Our current members range from 10 to 75 years, confirming that triathlon is a sport for all ages.

One highlight in the Club’s history was assisting Arthur Klap to organise and run the 1994 World Triathlon Championships right here in Wellington. The event was a huge success and helped promote our city, a highlight being the cycle race on the motorway – the only time the motorway has been closed to traffic since it opened.

In recent years the sport of triathlon has developed further around the world helped considerably by it’s inclusion at the Olympic Games.  Not it is not unusual to see live triathlon on TV.  From humble beginnings over thirty years ago it can now be said that triathlon has truly come of age.


Life members

  • Angela Campbell
  • Ross Capill
  • John Hare
  • Brent Harrison
  • Arthur Klap
  • Graham Singer
  • Matthew Berg