Local coaches and clubs

Local coaches

So, you’ve signed up for your first triathlon and now you want help reaching the finish line? A coach could be a good start. All of these coaches below have been recommended to us, by you the community in our member survey last year. They can help you with a training plan or give you an individualised coaching with regular feedback and work on your technique.

If you’re not quite ready for a coach or you’d just like to train with like minded individuals twice a week check out our tri club group training option here.

In the coaches own words, read a little bit about their coaching philosophy and coaching options below.

Annalie at ABC – Annalie Brown Coaching and Fitness

My focus is to help you be the best version of yourself on race day. To set you up for success, I’ll help you train with your goals in mind but also balancing life at the same time. As a personal trainer I’m also dedicated to strength and conditioning to improve power and performance while also minimising injury risks.

Coaching options:
– Personalised coaching plans on a weekly or monthly review basis
– 12 week plans based around your race and goals
– Triathlon focused strength and conditioning programmes.


Gerrard at Mr Smith’s

My philosophy is “coaching that fits you”:
– You set the goals
– Together we plan how to achieve that within the constraints of your life
– I provide the guidance and support to make it happen
– You give continual feedback about how everything is working, and we keep making adjustments to what you need

Coaching options:
– Individual coaching: training plans and support are all based around you as an individual
– IronTeam coaching: training plans and guidance are provided to a group of you training for the same events
– Swim squads: technique, fitness, and race readiness (based at Keith Spry Pool Johnsonville).


Jen at Traction Fitness

I’m a firm believer that I should pass on the knowledge and skills I have learnt over ‘many’ years of regional, national and world class sport participation. I work with individual athletes to provide direction and performance improvements.

Coaching options:
– I design individualised triathlon programmes towards key triathlon goals.
– I provide expert swim squad coaching – generally Mon, Wed and Fri mornings, throughout the year.
– In the summer period I run open water swim coaching sessions


Lucas at Crosswind Coaching

My coaching style is very much around focusing on the basics first. The volume, intensity and most importantly the consistency over time. And while power meters, new watches and fancy hydration systems are great tools our number one asset is our ability to get out of the door. The training needs to be balanced but challenging. It’s needs to fit in with our lives.
As a coach who is balancing working full time and training / racing as a professional one my greatest skills is helping the athletes managed their training time. The challenge of managing work, family, friends and training needs to be at the forefront of the plan.

I offer three coaching options;
-One on one coaching with full contact and weekly programming/reviewing.
-12 week individualised training plans created by me for you that includes a initial consultation and access to the training platform.
-45 minute one on one swimming technique sessions


Nathan at Change Fitness

Triathlon has changed my life!

My passion is to share this amazing lifestyle with you, to help you set a goal and to do your best to achieve that goal, whether it’s your starting out with you first sprint distance tri or aiming to qualify for Kona, every goal is special to me. As your coach it’s about getting to know you and supporting you through this challenging but rewarding journey of being an everyday endurance athlete and enjoying the process together.
Most of my clients have jobs, families and other interests but the thing everyone has in common is they want to do their best and live a healthy lifestyle through endurance sport. Support is the number one priority for me, I put 100% into supporting my athletes.

My coaching options are:
-one on one coaching support that can be delivered online and with in person catch ups
-group training options based in Lower Hutt, supported sessions, virtual sessions, walk run group and circuit training


Sierra at Sparkle Fitness

“There’s no doubt about it – triathlon is a time intensive sport! But we love it and that is why we do it.

As a parent I understand the demands that are placed upon us and that time becomes very precious – both personal “me time” and time with the family. I work with you to create your programme and fit it in around your lifestyle and goals. I want you to enjoy your training and still have time to spend with your family and friends. 

I’m also a qualified personal trainer so I understand the importance of strength and moving efficiently. I also understand the toll that triathlon takes on your body and can help to minimise that. I also have qualifications in training women postnatal and in strengthening the pelvic floor. So if you’re a mum looking to get into or returning to triathlon then I can help you do that safely. 

My coaching options are:
-personalised training programmes in 6 week blocks with a catchup every 6 weeks;
-running and triathlon strength based group sessions to help with injury prevention (at Anderson Park and Club Kelburn)
-online strength workouts and cross training workouts that can be incorporated into training programmes
-nutritional guidance 


If you’re a local coach and would like to be featured here flick us an email at Info.wgtntriclub@gmail.com with a little bit about your coaching options and philosophy and we’ll be in touch.

Local clubs

Wellington Masters Cycling Club

Wellington Master or WMCC run a number of road races and time trials (just you against the clock) throughout September to April. There are 22 time trials (great fitness for triathletes) and several graded road races – you can check out their calendar of events here.

Membership of the club is not just for masters aged racers though. If you’re male and 35+ or female and 30+ you are able to join the club for $85 and get free entry to all road races and time trials. If you’re under those age ranges then you’re able to buy a time trial pass for $50 getting you free entry to all time trials. Check out more details of the masters membership here and time trial pass here.

More coming soon!